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Material Story Lab in the Pyrenees

A hike with discussions gives new inspiration. Protrepos held a special kind of management course called Walk to Explore.

Birgitte Nortvig created a 'sandbox' over her experience and commented:

My experience of the exercise was, that I got a deeper understanding of, what is important to me, and what I should work towards. When I saw my table (picture to the right) and the physical artifacts, it gave a new perspective, and my experience of necessity, motivation, demotivation and anxiety became a physical feeling for me - and not, as normally, a rational appraisal of, what is right or wrong for me.

Afterwards it was easier for me to go through the changes in practice, when I already had seen the change materialize for me in the exercise.

I see material story lab as a very concrete and action-oriented way to work with evolution and change - both on a personal and organizational level.

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