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Opening Event of Material Storytelling Lab

In Nordkraft, Aalborg - Denmark, the Material Storytelling Lab had its official opening! Thank you all, who was a part of this festive event, where we heard from several interesting people e.g. David Boje, Anete Strand, Malou Juelskjær and others.

The Material Story Lab has existed since 2011, where it had its debut on the Academy of Management's conference in San Antonio. Since then many students, practitioners and researchers has been through the lab, and the opening event marked the existence of the Material Story Lab. The opening event celebrated the Material Story Lab's genesis as a community of peers across research, education and practice. Helle Alrø opened the event and Anete Strand, leader of the Nordkraft Lab held a welcoming speech and presented the Material Story Lab to the guests. The dean of Aalborg University, Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeldt, spoke about the future of humanities and labs. David Boje, NMSU, held a touching presentation about Embodied Restorying Processes and about how he had worked with American veterans. Malou Juelskjær, DPU, held a presentation about how architecture was used as a storytelling device. After the presentations of the evening, the guests were invited to build on a 'memory device' for the Material Story Lab as a community. This was build in a big wooden frame, created by the artist Jens Munk. All the guests wrote a note and hung it together with an artifact they had brought for the event, to create a memory in the frame.

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