Anete Mikkala Camille Strand

En brudekjoles fortællinger. / Strand, Anete Mikkala Camille.

Campingkvinderne : Mellem kunst og videnskab. red. / Antje Gimmler; Else Marie Bukdahl. 2016.

Publication: Book chapter

Entangling Organizations : Intra-active ways of reworking the organizational scenography for the processes of becoming of the changed relationalities of (dis)ability/ Strand, Anete Mikkala Camille.

Publication: Book chapter​

(Intra)Aktionsforskning : Fra inter-aktivitet til intra-aktivitet i aktionsforskningsprocesser/ Strand, Anete Mikkala Camille; Sparholt, Ulla .

Antologi om Aktionsforskning. ed. / Finn Thorbjørn Hansen. 2016.

Publication: Book chapter

Rework of an Organizational Scenography through Object Theatre. / Strand, A. M. C. samt 14 kandidat studerende ved valgfaget Organisatorisk scenografi forår 2014, Institut for Kommunikation, AAU.

I: Tamara Journal - special issue on Materiality & Storytelling, part 2, 2016.

Publication: Journal article

The Break : Work-life balance and leadership anno 2016 - Reconfiguring contemporary leadership through 2400 years old coaching concept of Protreptic, Walking andMaterial Storytelling. / Strand, Anete Mikkala Camille.

Red. / David M. Boje. Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., 2016.

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi

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David Boje

Organizational Change and Global Standardization: Solutions to Standards and Norms Overwhelming Organizations (Routledge Studies in Organizational Change & Development) by David M. Boje (Editor)

Organizational Development and Change Theory: Managing Fractal Organizing Processes Available August 1st 2015, by Tonya Henderson (Author), David M. Boje (Author)

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