Immersive Theater

Immersive (Business) Theater– A radically different way of grasping  organizational living storytelling – live!

Organizational challenges is experienced first hand, not just with an acting group on stage. But in an authentic setting of a business office environment where multiple scenes – true to form - were enacted simultaneously. Just as it happens everyday in a company. As part of the audience you’ll be in the thick of it when its employees clash over the rift between a company’s vision and its history, and make decisions that will affect them for years to come.


 A one-of-a kind live immersive theater experience that places you in the executive suite of a company having a day unlike any other. The audience follows performers (improve-actors) as they enact multiple simultaneous scenes set in a contemporary organization.


The concept is inspired by the Tamara play; the longest running theatre in LA ever. The idea has grown out of the cowork of the leading quantum/material storytellers David Boje, Anete Strand and Mike Bonifer over the course of the last 3 years. It is largely inspired by Tamara Play – the longest running play ever in LA:


“The play draws the audience into a labyrinthine story which reflects complicity in civic responsibility. Lempicka declines to use her voice, despite the power given it through her cultural preeminence. She sells her art to the highest bidder without comment.

 In Tamara, the barrier between spectator and actor has been dissolved; the spaces intermingle, and spectators become actors on many stages. Tamara is postmodern theatre performed in a large house with ten actors performing simultaneous scenes in several different rooms; at other times there is simultaneous action in eleven rooms. The spectator can accompany the character of their choice and experience the story they choose, knowing that with the simultaneous performances they cannot experience the whole play. Thus the members of the audience make a series of choices, and depending upon these choices, each spectator creates and develops an individual viewing of it”.



 The Art Deco-styled American Legion Hall on Highland Ave in Hollywood was used as the venue.

 However, it was first enacted as immersive business theatre at the bigSTORY conference in LA

 Dec. 17th, 2015 in the beautiful setting of Steelcase’s showroom on 32nd floor of Downtown, LA.

Preparations for it had been conducted over only a few weeks putting together a staff of improve- actors that were provided with a loose script.


The first reading rehearsal took place only three days before the event. The group of cast met at a LA southeast warehouse, and stripes on the floor provided a ground-floor of the Steelcase showroom to give the improves a sense of the space that would be the scenography orchestrating the immersive theatre.

Jens Larsen, Anete Strand and Mike Bonifer from the Material Story Lab Advisory Board, supervised the rehearsal in terms of guiding the improves toward ’authentic organizational behavior’ and in regard to ‘quantum storytelling’.


On the 16th of December the crew moved to the Steelcase facility of downtown LA, 32nd floor for the General rehearsal. The morning was spend making the stories of the space – the scenography - believable by adding various artifacts:


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