David Boje

New Mexico State University. Aalborg University Honorary Doctorate, affiliated with Material Storytelling Lab, Denmark. David got involved in the profession of storytelling when he noticed in his quantitative research there was a need for stories to make sense of the data, and to make an interesting write-up. David takes a different approach by seeing what people are telling themselves about the future. His interest focuses on how stories intraplay with needs to stay within ethical and emotional comfort zones, and how multiple narratives emerge and evolve in rapidly changing situations. Studying the story then becomes a new and fertile way into understanding strategy. Once a story is understood, David looks at ‘restorying’ or a way to take a narrative, which is negative, distorted or unfair and find a more truthful and affirmative alternative. His latest work on ERP evolves around helping formerly homeless veterans at the Center of Hope in Las Cruces, New Mexico. David developed the unique concept of ‘antenarratives’ and ‘livings story’ and are a highly esteemed scholar within the field of organizational storytelling and quantum storytelling. David has been working with Anete Strand since 2009 regarding Material Storytelling and how a quantum approach applies to and reconfigures the field of storytelling, and David served on her dissertation committee.

Ph.D. Storyteller, Amateur Blacksmith & ‘Wells Fargo’ Chaired Professor


Organizational Change and Global Standardization: Solutions to Standards and Norms Overwhelming Organizations (Routledge Studies in Organizational Change & Development) 2015, by David M. Boje (Editor)

Organizational Development and Change Theory: Managing Fractal Organizing Processes Available August 1st 2015, by Tonya Henderson (Author), David M. Boje (Author)

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