Embodied Restorying Process

Embodied Restorying Proces (EPR) is developed by David Boje and England Kennedy (2013, video) with the formerly homeless veterans at Community of Hope in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It is applying Anete Strand's Material Storytelling Method, not your usual sandtray work, rather an Object Theatre of one's whole life depicted without words, just assembling objects to spatialize and temporalized and embodied storytelling. There is an Internal Review Board approval for the project. This work using the 'Embodied Restorying Processes' and new 'sandplay' methods was originally done to help formerly homeless veterans develop a more efficacious set of antenarrative outcomes (performance, persistence, outcome expectancy and motivation). Antenarrative is a concept developed by David Boje, to help storytellers make better 'bets on the future' (Boje, 2001, 2011). With the ERP, the veterans develop new 'bets on their future. ’Each round of restorying is hypothesized to improve self-efficacy, empowerment, and self-agency. The veterans learn to restory their past-experiences in ways that take them out of the victim-role and into the self-agency role, resulting in developing more possible, and positive futures.  The ERP proces is closely linked to the EAGLE project as well as the Veteran Theatre also at the New Mexico Lab.

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