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Hjørring Municipality

creative and recreative

Springvandspladsen 5
9800 Hjørring

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It is clear that the rebuilding of a physical space of a room for taking breaks at the City Hall is not just about changing the furniture. It is about enacting a reconfigured field of possibility for becoming. It is about negotiating what values should matter. It is about enacting a break – in both senses of that word; the breaking of patterns of the enslaving patterns of the current material-discursive practices – and it is about enacting the possibility for being able to actually take a refreshing break during the workday. Occupying the room by secondhand-out-of-style-furniture, along with the previously excluded football table - was an enactment of a different difference; the difference of taking a break – and breaking out of the regime of aesthetics with specifically included fields for pauses, and making (literal) room for the constructive manifolds of beings that constituted the group of employees in the department. It was to that extend a reconfiguration of the story of the space.