Agential Realism

Agential realism holds that the real is an onto-semantic construct, an iterative performed space-time-matter manifold, where being, doing and knowing are mutually entailed. An approach, that requires of every partaking agency an ethics of mattering, a consideration of the co-constitution of worldly matters. Agential realism is having a huge impact on a large variety of research areas from Communication and Learning studies, to Archeology, to Design and Economics. John Shooter recognizes this movement as not so much another great theory as it is a reorientation (Shotter 2011). Basically this posthuman worldview challenges many of our everyday taken for granted assumptions regarding humans, things, time, space, causality, materializing processes, etc. Material storytelling takes this approach as the off-shoot for reconfiguring various fields; design, creativity, organizational change, learning, etc. The field of Quantum Storytelling has emerged from this movement.

Karen Michelle Barad, is an American feminist theorist, known particularly for her theory of Agential Realism.

Karen Barad